My love thank you for giving me the most amazing love story to carry in my heart until I am in your arms again.

From the moment our eyes met we knew that love found us and it did not take long before I was his wife. He told me he saw me in his dreams and well I dreamed of him all my life. The second date he told me I would be his wife and by day 30 I was his wife.

The journey from there was beautiful filled with ups and downs and laughter and tears. We built and grew together and we shared what we had without question because once we became husband and wife he was my family.

We found each other when we needed each other so much and from the first moment we never left each other's side. He was my friend, my homie, my partner, my lover, my caretaker, my husband. He was my whole world oh god how this hurts I missed him when he was sleeping. He denied me nothing in his love and we wanted so much to spread love to the world together because we loved the bond of marriage and togetherness.

He gave me a love that I only dreamed of and took care of me like I was his baby and his Queen and for that I am grateful.

He taught me to slow down and live in the moment, look at the sky, feel the ocean on my skin. He took the fear of love away with his honest heart and embraced me as his wife without question.

He is the most beautiful man I have seen, a good man, a kind man, A King that I will honor and love for the rest of my days until Allah brings me home to him.

I am proud to say that I married a good man, something every girl should understand means more than anything material. When you find your soulmate there is no price tag you can ever place on that, the rest will come.

"Every Love Story is Beautiful but ours is my Favorite my love………….