Ronnie yusuf senegal touched the lives of so many his legacy lives on.

"I love you Dad and the time we shared showed me your love for me. I will never forget our times together, hanging out, playing x box. I know our time was limited but I feel comfort knowing someday god will reunite us and we can pick up where we left off. Until then I will work hard to carry on the legacy."

Daniel, Ronnie's Son.
"Ronnie was my brother, my friend, my mentor. He made me proud of the man he became and how he fought to protect those who could not protect themselves. I will dedicate my life to teaching in his honor and continue his legacy. I love you little bro rest in peace Allah has you."

Shaka Senegal Muhammad, Ronnie Brother.
"Ronnie was a huge inspiration to me. His wisdom and take on life and life situations was very overwhelming and truly insightful. He made everyone feel like they have a chance to make a change in their lives and in society. As a single mother of a young black man, Ronnie was a good role model or person for me to turn too when I had questions. He was also their for my son when he had questions. And I will cherish him for that alone. I have seen him help the youth understand that they don't have to be stereotyped by society and to take control of you and do something positive that will help you make a mark on life. "You control your own destiny. So why not turn it into a legacy!"

"Ronnie Senegal, motivated me to be a man that fights for what I want. His transparency, will, heart and the fire in his eyes inspired me to never give up,and to conquer my goals. Because of men like Ronnie, I work hard everyday to love all and get the job done. Winning is the only option! Thank you Ronnie."

Jimmie Maggette
"Believing the impossible is possible... He use to call me Bentley Ro.. That inspired me to reach new heights and that I can one day get that Bentley also staying humble at the same time.. That was my friend Ronnie did for me.. "

Roshwn Kindard
"Ronnie was a man of his word. He stood for the things he believed in. He cannot stand injustice or unjust situations. He identified and brought out the good in people."

Charles Sloan
"Ronnie gave me strength at the most difficult time of my life. He gave me hope of victory when I was being charged with false allegations & being maliciously prosecuted. He is the only person who taught me about peremptory challenge, how & when to use. Ronnie was smart, strong & intelligent."

Evan Lionel
"Ronnie was a giver of food to the homeless, a giver his time which he did without ever looking for something in return. In the short time that I was blessed to know him, I am so thankful for what he gave True Friendship."