Ronnie.....A Legacy Never Forgotten

Allah took our Lion, Ronnie Senegal home on January 12, 2016, in a tragedy that mirrored the lives of many fighting for justice. The Lion was 43 years young but left an amazing legacy.

He was a business owner, legal consultant, advocate, and author. His life was about purpose and Justice and for that the torch will continue burn. His passion for baking and for feeding the homeless drove us to start a baking business that allowed us to donate 10 hot meals with each order through

He felt that youth needed to have a chance to make better choices so he created Choices Workshops to use chess to teach kids life lessons. His legal career was one of advocacy and he worked on cases that effected the living conditions of families struggling to make a way.

As an Author Ronnie and his wife Shirin Senegal completed 4 books, one about his life and the others focused on urban youth making better Choices. Ronnie was compassionate, kind, loving and full of life. He loved doing kind deeds for people and feeding all those around him. His reason was just to see them smile or warm their day.

As we lay our Lion to rest let us forgive him and ask him for forgiveness for the time of hurt must now find its way to healing. Let us pray that he will not suffer but walk among the Angels watching over us. Honor him by being kind and compassionate and carry on his legacy by continuing to give a hand up for those facing setbacks.

Ronnie is survived by his wife of 5 years Shirin Senegal, son Daniel Volanos, Brothers Shaka Senegal Muhamad, Kadaffi Senegal Muhamad and Alvin Lyles Sisters Altovise Lyles, Ayesha Lyles.

Nieces, Nephews and God Kids and friends and loved ones who were like family to Ronnie.